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Armani, Iconic Fashion Brand Putting The Timelessly Neutral Colors Forward

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Armani, Iconic Fashion Brand Putting The Timelessly Neutral Color Forward – Armani is one of the world's leading fashion house which weremasterminded by Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion designer. Giorgio's best selling product on the market is men's clothing. He firmly adheres to the long-term vision that is reflected in his products. To realize his vision hehad put investments in new technologies and infrastructure.

Giorgio's move was steadier for the future with a timeless fashion vision altogether aloof from consolidation waves in the production of the luxury goods industry. In fact, he ignored the constant demand of the consumer of new and high-quality things, a quality that conveys a sense of immortality in the madness of the world which is only temporary.

Armani in the World’s Eye

Giorgio Armani is one of the designers who had a slick cooperative relationship with Hollywood. It was seen from his hard work in designing the product which successfully got into several Hollywood’s big screen films like American Gigolo (1980), Batman (1989), Pulp Fiction (1994), Ready to Wear (1994), and TV series, Miami Vice (1990).

Some prominent public figures such as Eric Clapton, Jodie Foster, Paul Simon, David Bowie, Isabelle Huppert, and Billy Joel also reportedly wore Armani. One of its most famous products, Emporio Armani Fragrances had an important role, namely as a major sponsor of the world tour ofpopular singers, Ricky Martin and Lauryn Hill. Giorgio has also contributed to several fashion projects, designing new outfits for air hostesses and the interior of MD-11 (1990s) aircraft, as well as uniforms for football teams, ahead of the World Cup in Italy (1994), also for the English football club, Newcastle United (1999).

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Armani’s History

Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934 in Italy. He grew up in Piacenza which is known as a city of Italy with many bombings and shellingsduring World War II. Giorgio has a dark past, not many people know. He once spent 40 days bedrest at the hospital after he was burned by a classmate!

For the sake of his survival, Giorgio worked as a fashion designer for men's clothing company, Nino Cerruti. In 1970, he officially put his status as a freelance designer. On July 24, 1975, Giorgio founded his own company, along with his colleague Sergio Galeotti. They were so enthusiastic about the opening of their first store that theysold their Volkswagen car for initial capital. They initially introduced ready-to-wear clothing for men and women.

Entering 1978, Giorgio agreed a licensing agreement with GFT (GruppoFinanziarioTessile). The benefits gained from this deal allowed Giorgio to invest in a new building. Not only the office was in the building, but also the theater for the fashion show as well as there would be Giorgio's private residence. The fashion industry center of Giorgio is in Milan, Italy.

The following year, Giorgio tried to launch a collection of women with other variations. In the same year, Giorgio Armani Corporation was established in the United States. Giorgio's name was becoming more prominent in the world, by the end of the decade. It can be said, since its inception, Armani had been an instant success. Plus Armani’s casual gimmick wrapped with a touch like removing the padding from the shape of traditional male’s coat. The women’s wardrobe was also made more comfortable.

Armani launched his jeans collections in the early 1980s. Five years later, Galeotti died. This made Giorgio as the owner, the sole shareholder, as well as chairman of the board of the company. Giorgio's increasingly heavy tasks were not a hindrance to him. Giorgio has invested his capital here and there to extend control over the manufacturing and distribution of its products. Until then, at that time, the company had about 250 outlets in 34 countries and its products were also marketed in exclusive department stores.

His efforts span everywhere including the opening of the first Armani Junior store in Milan (1986), the Emporio Armani Express restaurant in London (1980s), the Dina bistro in Florence (1989), and Emporio Armani magazine which began in January (1989). That same year, Giorgio had already begun mastering his factories.

Giorgio products are considered still able to lead the market in the world of fashion. During the 1980s, wearing Armani’s products was equally considered as a symbol of success for many people. In the midst of a fashion wave where many corporations vied to expand expensive acquisitions of their luxury brands, Giorgio had his own way. He prefered to tighten his controls on production and look at the marketing of his products.

As a designer, Giorgio is very detailed about his products and the growing business. He devised and operated a strategy of operating a small number of low-value stores to keep the brand appeal, as well as the expected profit margins. We can say,Armani is a unique company among other brands, due to the limitation of the maximum amount of business that each license holder can generate.

Entering the era of 1990, Giorgio stores were growing. In 1991, it opened the store in New York, USA. In 1997, Collezioni Giorgio Armani's shop opened in Milan-Italy, London-England and Tokyo-Japan. Giorgio Armani Cosmetics did not miss its debut in this era. In the late 1990s, Giorgio recorded having more than 200 stores worldwide. In 2010, he opened his first hotel business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Armani’s Profile

Giorgio Armani's mission is to continue creating clothes and accessories with perfection that can go beyond today's fashion. It's no secret, Giorgio is a complicated man of elaborate simplicity. He preferred to be calm that looks a little eccentric. Even so, he admitted that his success did not escape the red carpet event. He loudly uttered his vision, "I believe in neutral colors."

Now, Armani Group has about 250 outlets in 34 countries, including Indonesia. Armani describes his approach to fashion like this: "I was the first person to soften the image of men and harden the image of women." Giorgio's firm commitment from the beginning to the present is one way that makes Armani a world-class fashion as it is today. (NYCfashionshops/fn)
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