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Wow! These 6 Classic Sneakers Surprisingly Survive The Test of Time

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Wow! These 6 Classic Sneakers Surprisingly Survive The Test of Time – In the fashion world, shoe designers of famous brands compete each other to produce sneakers that are not worn out and outdated along with the development of the era. And, the shoe manufacturer must adapt the quality with the rapid proliferation of sneaker models. They even can not barely enjoy the peak of their sneakers product trend, considering the fashion cycle in the world of sneakers is very rapidly changing.

But make no mistake. There are some sneakers that had been released long time ago then becoming an instant hits yet the shoe brand names are still ringing in the minds of consumers up to now. Let's roam our memory back through the following list, bringing up the best 6 classic sneakers of all time.

The Most Classic Sneaker Shoes

1. Adidas Samba Classic

Adidas Samba Classic looks like soccer shoe which has a strong appeal for its users. For decades, Samba has survived the time and is still sought after by consumers for some reasons. This neutral, legendary shoe features EVA midsole. When being worn and in contact with floor or ground surfaces, the shoe is relatelively light. Samba is very suitable to wear at leisure time for everyday activities especially when you are going outside or hanging out with friends.

There are many testimonies from consumers, after buying and wearing Samba. Samba is durable shoe which can be worn for several years. This certainly brings a positive responses from the public. It's not a lot of money to spend on Adidas Samba Classic, when they know its good quality.

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2. Air Jordan 3

Air Jordan. Yes, for basketball lovers you must know this brand of shoes. Air Jordan 3 is Michael Jordan's third signature basketball shoe (MJ). This shoe was launched in 1988 and has four different color lines according to its variants, namely white, black, red, and blue. Air Jordan 3 is the first Air Jordan shoe featuring text of "AIR", elephant-like mold and Jumpman logo holding basketball.

Air Jordan 3 is Tinker Hatfield's first design for MJ. Although it has long been produced, Air Jordan 3 is one of the most sought after basketball shoes to date. These shoes are produced in some attractive colors.

3. Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1 is rated as a very special shoe. This can be seen from the white-dominated model, which is decorated with a touch of bright orange tends to redness. Through the bright color, it will refresh theeyes. These shoes also have colorful corduroys with frayed edges. The display also looks unique, with a velor from the tip of the foot to the heel.

Although including the old product, Air Max 1, first launched in 1987, has been shown to have a lasting appeal. This is seen from the continuous usage by consumers of each generationwho interpret in their own style. For some people, thisiconic shoe is their obsession.

4. Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor All Stars or Converse All Star Chuck Taylor has many nicknames. It can be called Converse, Cons, Chucks, Chuck Taylors, or All Stars. Converse All Star Chuck Taylor is the pioneer of Converse products. These shoes are casual, developed and manufactured in the early 20th century by the Converse. From the beginning, Converse All Star Chuck Taylor's design never changed. The great news that these shoes fit into global icons. This brand represents originality and continues to provide new styles and colors for its product sustainability.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor is made of canvas and vulcanized rubber soles. This product has several advantages.For example the reinforced front rubber to protect the toes, the upper canvas provides flexibility allowing the feet to 'breathe', outsole rubber is made of sturdy, and also the padded footwear is soft. Unfortunately, the shoe with iconic design like this is largely imitated. Even so, Converse All Star Chuck Taylor is still the most sought after shoes until now.

5. Vans Authentic Canvas Skate Shoes

Authentic Canvas Skate Shoes have an original style which make itbecome an iconic sneakers. Although the model is simple, but its distinctive style and good quality stand out. The classic style and quality excellence can be seen from the use of sturdy canvas, high level bearing soles, reinforcing rubber in areas of high wear for endurance or durability whichmake the shoes unbeatable. All of those things lead to the control of shoes that have a superior value.

Then, what is the relationship between Vans and either surfing or skateboarding culture? Why can it be named Vans Authentic Canvas Skate Shoes? The story began in 1966 in Southern California, USA. Vanz unveiled a pair of single shoes, named Authentic. After that, Vans just became more recognized among hardcore skaters and skateboard fans only. More and more, its products are increasingly well nownand become one of the most popular shoes in the world since then.

6. Adidas Superstar II

Adidas Superstar II dominated the fashion of sneakers for a long time against all the old and new competitors in the highly competitive footwear industry. Many positive things that thisshoe offer, so that consumers are eager to have it.

Adidas Superstar II provides exceptional comfort for your feet. In addition to that, consumers tend to be satisfied and happy with the flexibility of these shoes. They also appreciate the look of this shoe which do look quite simple yet have a unique style. Shoe endurance is also not kidding,the loyal consumers can wearAdidas Superstar II for years. You can pick various shoe colors most of which are more daring and striking.

Are there your favorite sneakers that we feature above? Classics are not old-fashioned or outdated. Here's a step you can take now, writeyour favorite, classic sneakers list, just in case you want to buy them in the future. So you don’t be worried that your sneakers look outdated. On the contrary, the classic sneakers will always stay in the fashion world for a long time. (NYCfashionshops/fn)
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