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Louis Vuitton, Enduring Hardship Before Starting His Brilliant Career in Fashion Industry

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Louis Vuitton, Enduring Hardship Before Starting His Brilliant Career in Fashion Industry – For fashion-lover women, a romantic comedy film "Sex and The City" is already familiar. Especially the actors and actresses with their various styles in dressing that turns out to be special attractions for women. The film that shows mix-and-match outfits and their love for luxuriously branded goods makes you want to have some of them, don't you? Everything must be tempting because from clothes to bags are upscale items.

A series of famous brands are present featuring their privileges in this movie. Moreover, this one brand is very famous in the international fashion world. Yes, you can guess it, Louis Vuitton. And, Louis Vuitton that is also called "LV" is not a kind of new brand in the fashion world. The privilege that radiates from it has make socialite women really admire every result of its works. Even it is worth waiting for its presence.

But there is one interesting thing from a Louis Vuitton. Unlike nowadays that his name has become so influential and managed to attract the hearts of fashionista and elite society, he used to be an unemployed man having no treasure at all. The unyielding spirit and willingness to try coming from within Louis Vuitton's soul managed to brought his career to life. So, here it is the history and profile of Louis Vuitton that you must know before deciding to collect some of its models.

A Persistent Young Boy

It is not easy to start a career from scratch. It needs a real struggle and also a countless hard work for years. Especially for children as the age of Louis Vuitton at that time that stepped 14 years old. The period in which children were supposed to play and look for fun. But unlike the case with Louis who was born from a very mediocre parents. The father, Xavier Vuitton, was a farmer and doubled as a carpenter, while his mother, Coronne Gaillard was a miller. Louis's life was very difficult, because by the time he was 10 years old his mother had died. Plus, his father remarried, which actually made him have to move to Paris.

Because of his stepmother's hard attitude during that time, Louis decided to walk to Paris with a distance of approximately 470 km. Sure, all events have their own wisdom. That's what made young Louis desperately leave his family. For his ultimate purpose, he even willingly spent 2 years to reach the city of fashion. To met the needs of his life he was willing to work odd jobs.

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Luckily, he already had the skills since he were still living with his father at the time. Until finally, he arrived in Paris in 1837 and got an apprenticeship in the most popular trunk-and-suitcase-packing workshop of its time, Mosieur Marechal. At that time, many people used trunks while traveling to include all their belongings. Louis was very keen to see this opportunity, so he created a variety of trunk innovations with unique design and usability.

Moreover, he were very skilled in this case so that the popular Layetier-Emballeur-Malletier title was held for his skills in handling and packing all the goods into a suitcase or luggage. This work made him feel at home for 17 years. The reason was he can deal directly with the respected people such as nobles and the rich. His skills were so honed that's what made Louis quit from the workplace that had raised his name.

In 1854, when he married a girl named Eelie Priaux, he decided to open his own packing workshop named Louis Vuitton Malletier (Louis Vuitton the Luggage Maker). Not only trunk (luggage or box), but also leather goods, ready-to-wear shoes, watches, watch cases, glasses, jewelry, accessories and even books. Thanks to his decision and his skills that brought him into the world of success. Louis can establish a suitcase company that has become the target of wealthy people in the world by naming the brand as his name, Louis Vuitton.

The Most Popular Fashion Brand in the World

Reasonably, if the price of Louis Vuitton luggages are very fantastic. The materials applied into the stuffs were not offhand. In 1858, he created an innovation where the flat suitcase had iron and wooden edges. Instead of applied skin, the canvas was a strong gray Trianon and waterproof, so it would be helpful for the wearer to travel anywhere even in unfriendly weather. This first innovation that made Louis Vuitton luggages recognized in the world, and unfortunately there are also many who imitate them.

Exuberantly, the price of Louis Vuitton brand was predicted to reach US $ 23.58 billion. This makes it the only most popular and expensive brand in the world. Reportedly, the Louis Vuitton has been spread to over 60 countries in the world, as well as 500 boutiques that have been established in various countries.

The Meaning of Louis Vuitton Initials and Flower Symbols

After the trunk-maker's departure in 1882, his work did not stop there. Precisely, the ideas that came into luxury products continue to emerge. After the company was held by George Vuitton, Louis Vuitton's biological child, a brilliant innovation to avoid imitations by some parties was created. Until the year 1896, George drew a circle containing the four-coloured petals and angular stars in positive and negative space. Coupled with the LV initials between the circle of flowers and the stars which are to honor the deceased father. However, after the departure of Louis Vuitton before the first bag launched into the international market.

It is the monogram that until now becomes a successful icon belongs to the legendary Louis Vuitton brand. It also inspires some of the world's leading brands to use logos as decorative motifs as well as identity markers in their products. But in 1997, LV changed their monograms to become younger and fresh. From a classic blend of ecru and coffee shades to monogram varnished with sparkling pastel colors. This is done to keep the LV's image as a top-class fashion brand.

Classy and Unlimited

Although the models and designs of LV products are widely imitated by various parties and spread in the local market at affordable prices, but it turns out that the resulting product consists of only a few in the world. So, if you buy it cheaply in the market, they definitely are not the original products of LV. Indeed, other luggage and bag products might be easy to imitate. But for materials, it is certainly predictable that the original LV products are the best, because the materials can be durable. So, the customers can wear and use the products up to 20 years. All LV products are waterproof and fireproof, so it is safe to use in rainy season. In addition, LV also never sells off its goods, because the form of luxury is not to be on sale. Therefore, the LV's image never fades away until now.

This is what makes LV always look classy in the eyes of its customers. With its very mature age, the LV brand always creates the latest innovation so that the loyal customers do not feel bored. Although Louis Vuitton's creations are timeless, it seems that the number one brand in the world wants to give the best to its loyal fans. Evidently, a lot of top Hollywood celebrities who have become the models of LV brand. Among them are Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Selena Gomez, and many other renowned artists. Even the popular singer Kanye West mentions LV 19 times in his songs. (NYCfashionshops/ok)
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