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Hermès, Previously Selling Horse Riding Equipments Then Becomes A Prestigious Fashion Brand

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Hermès, Previously Selling Horse Riding Equipments Then Becomes A Prestigious Fashion Brand — Paris is the most recognizable mecca of the world's fashion enthusiasts. Various well-known fashion labels and topnotch designers have been born from this romantic city. Although Paris is not the only reference of the world's fashion lovers, but it seems that Paris has its own place. Fashion itself has been rampant since the 16th century, when the wife of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, often wore French hoodie. It looked a bit provocative when she showed her hair while wearing the hoodie.

Now, fashion becomes a public consumption that continues to burgeon from year to year. There is no boredom to discuss it, because the fashion world itself has always been a hot topic which is very interesting to take notice. From clothes, shoes to bags that are much loved by fashion lovers, especially the socialites and the wealthy people. Especially, when hearing about Hermès, the women are immediately interested to observe it more deeply. Even they are willing to spend more in order to satisfy their desire for the branded goods.

However, did you know that Hermès company itself had already stood before Louis Vuitton was born in the fashion world? For that, you have to know the history and profile of Hermès that becomes so popular until now.

Thierry Hermès Profile

Yes, indeed, there is only a handful of people who know the story behind the famous Hermès brand. Hearing the name alone, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the luxurious bags with towering prices. It takes extra money to be able to have it. Especially, if the Hermès  product are authentically genuine.

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Thierry Hermès is the man behind the famous product. Hermès brand name itself is also taken from the name of the product founder, Thierry Hermès. His name is just like his father, Thierry Hermès. The business world was nothing new for this young mulatto, because his father was indeed an entrepreneur. He was born from different citizenship couples, his father was from France and his mother, Agnese Kuhnen was from Germany.

Horse Riding Clothes and Its Symbol Meaning

Only a small portion of Hermès' loyal users know the brand history that has been favored among this class. Though formerly this company developed special clothes for horse riding that are sold to the nobility. Just like a saddle and a horse bridle. Therefore, Hermès symbolizes the horse's jockey. This is because, at that time, there were many people using the horse carriage as a means of public transportation. The store he founded was also located at Grands Boulevard, Paris, France.

As we know, Hermès products are developed with detailed attention of material selections. The materials were very classy which combined with artisanal craftmanship that make so many people buy them. Hermès became very famous among the European nobility. Even European empires such as Napoleon III and its empress, Eugenie, became loyal customers.

The Successors of Hermès

The departure of its first founder, Thierry Hermès, in 1878, made the youngest of two brothers named Charles-Émile Hermès became successor and continued the family business. However, it did not mean the the successors was inexperienced. Since being held by Charles-Émile Hermès, the company soared. Then, Hermès products were more known by the nobility and other communities.

To start a business under a new leadership, the youngest moved the business location to 24 rue du Faubourg Saint - Honore in 1880. This long-established business led him to break the business by introducing a retail business for the first time. With the help of Hermès' two grandchildren, Adolphe and Emile-Maurice, they were steadily expanding their business to various countries. Until ultimately the hard work of the successor, Thierry  Hermès, became fruitful and got many loyal customers. They were evently originated from Russia, North Africa, America to Asia.

The product launched in 1900 was not far from the horse. Therefore Haut a Courrois handbags were especially introduced to horsemen who found it difficult to carry equipment while riding the horse.

After a long struggle, Charles-Emile Hermès finally decided to retire. The company was directly handled by two children who were none other than Adolphe and Emile Maurice who later changed the company name to Hermès Freres. The enterprises under this new leadership also succeeded like the order of the father. Hermès products were increasingly rampant in the world. So, in 1914, they had to employ 80 craftsmen as customer demand increased, especially in Russia.

In fact, they also sold a variety of luxury clothing that were ready to make customers fall in love. Plus, in 1922, Hermès launched handbags that are not just one color only. Hermès climbed to the top with the introduction of scarves, in 1937, that can be worn on the head or wrapped in a bag. The superiority offered by this scarf was because of the use of material containing high-grade silk material and was accompanied by the Hermès motifs.

There were controversial events that made Hermès bag into the public spotlight. When Grace Kelly, Monaco's daughter, had to cover her pregnancy in 1956. The spotlight not only led to Kelly's stomach, but also the Hermès bag she wore at the time. Therefore, until now people more often refer to it as a Kelly bag.

Collection for Women Only

Yes, although Hermès increasingly gained popularity, but that did not mean the problems never occur. Until finally in 1978, the leadership was handled by Jean-Louis Dumas, the biological son of Robert Dumas-Hermès who retained the quality of skin and silk in every collections. From rope bags, jewelry, accessories, and silk scarf design. But unfortunately, in the mid-20th century, production of shawls were actually decreased.

Since handled by Louis-Dumas, the target audiences were initially both men and women, but now Hermès is specifically for women only. This was what makes Louis-Dumas hired Eric Bergere and Bernard Sanz for designing clothes. Especially leather motorcycle jackets made of python and jeans from ostrich leather. Instead of getting the benefits, they faced public anger because of wrong sales strategies that used controversial advertising images. For that reason, Louis-Dumas sold some of its shares in order to slightly reduce family tension.

Special Products

Hermès products ranging from leather bags, clothes, scarves to perfume. And, its networks are also burgeoningly expanded in various countries since consumer demand on Hermès goods is increasing. This makes Hermes become the most influential fashion house in the world today.

Hermès employs one artisanal craftsman who specializes in making its luxury handbags. Interestingly, these craftsmen have been working for decades for Hermès. For maximum results, one bag only takes 18 to 24 hours duration. So, it is reasonable if the produced bags are priceless and also fantastic.

Until now, Hermès is still triumphant even though it has many heavy rivals. Every brands commonly have had its own characteristics so as to win the hearts of its fanatic customers. This makes the successor of Hermès, Patrick Thomas, CEO who is not a Hermès blood relative, also accompanied by Jean-Louis's son, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, as artistic director, continue to expand its production better so that Hermès will always be in demand by fashion lovers.

Well, that's Hermès short history and its profile. So, tempted to collect Hermèss collections in your closet? (NYCfashionshops/ok)
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