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Christian Dior: A World Class Designer Who Was Ever Dictated To Be A Diplomat

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Christian Dior: A World Class Designer Who Was Ever Dictated To Be A Diplomat – One thing that makes Paris remains the number one fashion city in the world is because it gives birth to first-rate fashion designers who are capable of launching their distinctively unusual designs. Their designs have gained spotlight collected by fashionista all over the world. To get to that prestigious position, the designers have to sacrifice many things. There are times when people leave their safe zone to achieve what they have dreamed of. Certainly, that is a brave choice that needs courage and firm determination.

That becomes the choice of famous designer Christian Dior or better known as Dior. A fashion designer with his charming designs which make the late Princess Diana fall in love at first sight. The bags designed by Dior was able to hypnotize Princess Diana at that time. Then, how is the life of a Christian Dior who can make fashionista's eyes fixed on his designs? Let's look at the history and profile of Dior until it becomes luxury fashion brand as popular as it is today.

Born from Wealthy Family

Being a successful person is not only outlined to those who have been born from a prosperous family Some have a various way of life story so as to achieve success in the future. However, the second child of four siblings born in the city of Normandy, a seaside town of Granville, France, is indeed born from wealthy family. The direct descendant of Maurice Dior and his mother, Madeleine Martin.

The father's job was an entrepreneur in the field of chemicals and crop fertilizers. The company he led was fairly successful to reap revenue. However, unfortunately the big family had to move to fashion country, France. To treat the longing they kept visiting Normandy city every summer holiday.

As a rich family, they indirectly put education at the top of the list. That's what caused Dior's parents wanted their son to become a diplomat. Dior patiently obeyed his parents' willingness to study political science, although that field was not his purpose in life. Being an artist turned out to be the main passion of Dior.

The desire to become an artist in the field of fashion is so strong. He also dared to sell some his design sketches worth 10 cents on the front yard in order to meet the economic needs and to build a gallery. His dream was gradually fulfilled in 1928 when Dior left the school. Seeing his son's dreams so strong in art, Maurice Dior, the father, immediately financed the opening of a small gallery.

The gallery also sold some artworks of Pablo Picasso and Max Jacob. And then, it successfully reaped the benefits. But unfortunately, this gallery did not last long due to the closing down of his father's fertilizer company. Plus Dior's mother died just after three years he opened his little gallery. Of course, this is the hardest blow for Maurice Dior. Therefore, Dior necessarily closed the gallery.

Independent Life

Luckily, Dior was an unyielding man. He had to think harder, looking for opportunities to make his work known and apreciated by the public. The first step he did is by selling clothing sketches for his couture house. Until finally in 1935, Dior got a job as an illustrator in a prestigious magazine, Figaro Illustre. Unexpectedly, after three years later, the next offer as Robert Piguet's designer assistant came. He was in charge of designing Robert Piguet's three collections.

Even during World War II, he once made a dress for Nazi officer's wife. This made Dior increasingly known by some circles because of his unusual design. Moreover after working as Piguet's designer assistant, he found many valuable lessons: the true elegance of a work can come from simplicity. Dior's original works for Piguet was named Cafe Anglais which successfully grabbed public's attention.

His hard work had gradually been fruitful. Especially with invaluable experiences in various places, Dior finally was offered to colaborate with Pierre Balmain and designer Marc Bohan. Therefore, Dior continued to flap his wings to make his works more familiar to the layers of upscale society. But unfortunately, Dior had to leave Piguet because of military service. His passion to run fashion business must be delayed for some time.

However, he was not Dior if giving up. After finished the conscription in 1942, he finally came back in the world of fashion he always missed. Because of his outstanding skills in designing, he successfully joined the quite large fashion company owned by Lucien Lelong where he and Balmain were the main designers in the company. Besides Dior also got an offer to design the dresses Nazi officers' wives and French collaborators. Those works made him remain active during World War II, just like any other fashion house that also operated.

The Beginning of His Success

His remarkable works turned out to have a major impact on his future. Therefore on December 8, 1946 Dior steadily opened his own business from scratch. The establishment of Dior fashion house was overshadowed by Marcel Boussac called The King of Cotton, who was a clothing entrepreneur. Dior's business were increasingly rising owing to his support, especially in terms of financial aid. Not surprisingly if Dior's business remained stable or even more so.

Thanks also to Boussac, in a short period of time, the level of production were increasing. Not only that, the number of employees had also increased considering the upsurging demand. Boussac gain control the company which is established by Dior. While Dior held the initiatives and had a role as creative director. But that did not necessarily made Boussac audacious. He also gave salaries to people who were meritorious, as well as Christian Dior.

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As time went by, the name of Dior became more and more known by fashion enthusiats. His outstanding works were able to hypnotize fashion lovers. Moreover, Dior was expert in creating shapes and silhouettes. Until the New Look label finally came out. But unfortunately, to produce quality works were not that easy. He had to deal with a lot of scorn or even rejection because of the abrupt results.

Thanks to the events that made him able to launch the New Look label. After the launch of New Look, Dior was able to influence the fashion world. The distinctive look of his fashion styles was the reason why Dior's designs deserved appreciation. But the long journey must end during the holiday in Montecatini, Italy. On 23 October 1957, Dior must go forever. Many people said that Dior died of a heart attack after choking on a fish bone. However, over time it was finally announced that Dior died of a heart attack after playing cards.

Right now, Dior is very influential fashion brands in the world that has to compete with other luxury brands such as Hermes, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. (NYCfashionshops/ok)
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